ERISA and Employee Benefits

Our attorneys represent more than fifty employee benefit plans located throughout the upper Midwest. Most of these plans are multi-employer plans, though we also represent several single employer and municipal plans.

Sub-Practice Areas

Compliance and Transactional Practice – Employee benefit plans operate within a complex web of federal laws and regulations. Working with other plan professionals, we assure our clients remain complaint with this myriad of requirements.

  • Plan Design and Drafting
  • Design and Drafting of Administrative and Participant Forms and Notices
  • Compliance with Federal Laws and Regulations
  • Contract Negotiation

Litigation Practice – Each year, we manage hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of our employee benefit plan clients. These lawsuits range from minor matters to complex, high-dollar cases.

  • Benefit Denial, Claim Appeals, and Related Litigation
  • Subrogation and Intervention Claims
  • Employer Delinquency Collection, Employer Withdrawal Liability Claims


Scott B. Crossman


Roger J. Stelljes


Amy L. Court


Christy E. Lawrie


Representative Clients

We represent nearly fifty multiemployer employee fringe benefit plans and several single employer plans. Our health and welfare plan clients range from $4 million to $120 million in assets. Our qualified retirement plan clients range from $20 million to $250 million in assets. Representative clients include –

  • Sheet Metal Workers’ Local No. 10 Pension and Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • Minnesota Teamsters – Construction Division Pension Fund
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul Painting Industry Pension Funds
  • UFCW Local 789 and St. Paul Food Employers Defined Contribution & 401(k) Plan
  • Operating Engineers Local No. 49 Health & Welfare Fund
  • Painters & Allied Trades District Council No. 82 Health Care Plan

In addition, we represent other employee benefit plans in the following trades: Glazing and Glassworking, Asbestos Workers, Plasterers, Lathers, Drywall Finishers, Floor Coverers, and Plumbers and Steamfitters.