McGrann Shea Carnival Straughn & Lamb, Chartered Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Bill McGrann, Andy Shea, Doug Carnival, Doug Franzen, Kathleen Lamb resigned from O’Connor & Hannan on the morning of Thursday December 14, 1989 due to O’Connor & Hannan’s representation of the government of El Salvador headed by President Alfredo Cristiani. That afternoon, the firm opened its doors, sharing office space with a leasing agent at the Lincoln Centre (now Accenture Tower). On that day, phone calls were made and clients were thankfully retained. On December 15, 1989 the firm finished its first full day, celebrating with champagne, thus starting the firm tradition of Friday treats, now the monthly employee recognition lunch.

The firm started as McGrann Shea Franzen Carnival & Lamb, Chartered, with its main goal, at least at first, being that of survival, one day at a time. Office furniture consisted of folding tables and chairs along with a few milk crates. The firm’s first conference table and chairs were free, left behind by a tenant who failed to pay their rent at the Lincoln Centre. That conference table remains to this day, currently located in Conference Room Three.

Over the years, McGrann Shea grew and prospered, adding new clients and attorneys, building a reputation as a firm that provided the legal services one typically finds in a large firm but with a small firm touch. Twenty years later McGrann Shea continues to grow, now with twenty-three attorneys of whom sixteen are shareholders and seven are associates. Andrew J. Shea, an original founder of McGrann Shea, remains as of-counsel to the firm.

On January 14, 2010, McGrann Shea hosted its 20th Anniversary Party. Clients, friends, and family alike were invited to celebrate the firm’s first twenty years. At twenty years, McGrann Shea is a mid-sized powerhouse law firm that competes with the biggest firms in Minnesota in both the quality of clients it has and the quality of legal work we provide our clients. See a major building project completed or a significant piece of legislation passed and chances are McGrann Shea was a key player, providing exceptional legal services for and on behalf of our clients.

We recognize that McGrann Shea Carnival Straughn & Lamb has been able to accomplish much in its first twenty years because of our valued clients and employees. We have great clients and McGrann Shea is honored to serve you. To our immensely talented employees, thank you for everything you do. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

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